Sunday, November 21, 2004

Hermit in training

I have come to the conclusion that I am somewhat anti-social. Michelle is constantly asking me to do stuff with her and her friends, and they are very cool people, but for some reason I never really feel like it. This weekend I have the reason that I'm working on a massive research law paper, but I'm not sure if that is the reason, or an excuse. Hmm. I am also getting to be good friends with several of the people in my own classes, but it's been a slow process. I've also held back from taking the initiative when it comes to being social. Others have organized get-togethers at Nick's (a popular bar in Bloomington--somewhat like Cherry Street in Galesburg) and potluck dinners and that sort of thing, and I go out to lunch sometimes with people, but this doesn't happen terribly often. My mom even keeps telling me to get out, and I'm just thinking...driving to Galesburg practically every other weekend is about as much as I can manage in that department. It will be a huge relief to have Mark come down here during his break. I wish that could extend into next year, but it looks like he's not going to get a car after all...and his parents' van died, meaning that now they need the Bug. Mark can use it for this Thanksgiving, thank heavens, but he'll have to leave earlier than we planned (Sunday instead of Tuesday or Wednesday) and thereafter he'll probably only be able to come down for weekends. So...shit. Anyway, maybe I'm just tired and stressed out. I also don't really have a good handle on getting around in Bloomington, since there's never anywhere to park and the bus schedule never seems to happen the way I think it will. I miss having bars within walking distance. =(

Well, maybe all these problems will be solved next year. I think no matter who I end up living with, we'll be considerably closer to downtown and campus, meaning a lot of those things would be within walking distance. Which throws me back into the cycle of thinking about places to live next year, a groove that's been worn into my mind in the past month of so. Not that I don't like Colonial Crest, but it's SO far away.

Well, enough whining...back to the law paper.

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