Thursday, November 30, 2006

Movie Time

Mark and I have gotten into an organizing frenzy lately. We're always looking for ways to save space in our ridiculously small one bedroom apartment. This time we hit upon the idea of putting our DVDs into a CD wallet and getting rid of the individual DVD cases (we hope they can be recycled). I just finished organizing them. It does save quite a bit of space, and it was fun to go through all of our movies, some of which we haven't seen in years. In fact, we decided to go ahead and start watching them in alphabetical order. Oh, yes. That's 168 discs (many two-disc editions, so I'm not sure exactly how many movies). Ohhh, YES. =D Yessiree, I likey my movies. We got started tonight with The Abyss. Of course, it then occurred to me that I should include our VHS tapes, which means I should have started with The 10th Kingdom, We can watch it under the Ts, I suppose.

1. The Abyss

I love this movie. Of course, you're going to hear me say that about most of the movies I own, but this one is particularly good. This is one that remains memorable, even 17 years after its release. It takes place during the Cold War, and at its core it's a fable about the dangers of [nuclear] power. But on the surface it's an exciting tale of a team of resourceful oil riggers up against a hurricane, a crazed military button-pusher, an unknown alien intelligence, thousands of feet of water, and time. It's got just the right mix of action, suspense, humor, etc. I always really enjoy the camaraderie of the team, and especially the scenes with Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Mastrantonio plays a great female character. It's an extremely long movie, but that's okay. =) I suppose it would be classified as science fiction, but the sci-fi elements are no more than a plot point until the end. Honestly, Bud kind of = Jesus. Some reading: the script, Wikipedia's article, a James Cameron interview, and a review. Weeee!

Well, anyways. I shall try to blog a little bit on each movie as we go through them. Should be good fun.

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