Saturday, December 30, 2006

2.5 whole days off!

8-10. Back to the Future Trilogy

These are definitely some of my favorite movies of all time (ha, ha, ha). I grew up watching them, and they haven't lost their luster in the least. Even though they're clearly made in the 80s, they don't seem dated in the way that other 80s movies can be; this is not just because they concern time themselves, I think. I like the themes of family and of a blend of destiny and chance. The plots are so dependent on completely impossible coincidences (destiny?), like Marty running into his descendants and ancestors at every turn, yet they also show that people can change and grow into something more, given the chance (like when George finally stands up to Biff, completely altering the future, or when Marty learns from his past experiences and decides not to race Needles, completely altering his own future).

These movies make an art form out of parallelism, running gags, and recurring motifs. I think my favorite part is probably the end of Part II, in which we watch several scenes from the first movie through new eyes. It's interesting to realize that no matter how important events may seem at the time, there are always other things going on, other events that may never seem to touch you, but that are just as important to other people.

11. Batman Begins

I think I like this Batman movie more than the others. I think Christian Bale makes an ideal Batman, and it's interesting to see Liam Neeson play a bad guy. I also love Morgan Freeman's small part as Batman's gadget guy. Morgan Freeman lends a certain weight to any movie that he appears in. Not to mention Gary Oldman as Gordon.

So, as you might be able to guess, I only had to work six hours today, which resulted in more movie watching. Many more will follow this weekend, I'm sure, since I don't have to work tomorrow or Monday! =)

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