Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Obligatory New Year's Resolutions

The eve of the new year is here--arbitrary, of course, but it stills seems to hold a kind of magic. And so, I suppose I shall make a few resolutions. But first, a review of how last year's resolutions went:

1. Save money. Done! We actually reached our savings goal just yesterday, when I put a big chunk of my paycheck into savings.
2. Visit friends. Done! A number of trips to Knox, a trip to Philly, a trip to Minnesota, a trip to Boston, as well seeing Meredith in Louisville again. Not too shabby, especially since we're on a budget.
3. Marathon PR. Nope. I ran two marathons this year, but neither was faster than the 4:16:59 I ran in 2005.

There may have been others, but I can't actually remember. Those were the important ones. And now, for this year's.

1. I resolve not to buy any more books until I've gotten the amount of unread books on my shelves to a reasonable level. Of course, this will not stop me from receiving books as gifts, or from people allowing me to borrow their books. But it will significantly stem the influx of books. Until August, we simply have no more space, for one thing. Anyway, I do not have an easy answer for what "reasonable" may be. I just counted and I have 82 unread books. I don't think it's possible for me to read that many in a year's time--I don't have that much extra time, for one thing, and for another, I read relatively slowly.

Yes, it's pretty bad. I think cutting that number in half would be a fine goal for the year, and then I can reassess at the end of 2007.

2. I resolve to save money. Again! (The raise will help quite a bit,)
3. I resolve to keep in better touch with people (and this will likely include visits).
4. I resolve not to worry so much about a marathon PR, but just have a good spring of training and have fun doing it. If a PR comes of that, cool. Not losing motivation is the key.

I might add more in the next few days, but those are the ones that keep revolving around my mind.

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