Friday, April 27, 2007

Purple track!

Mark and I are heading up to Knox this weekend to watch the first home outdoor track meet held there in many years, and also the first held on the new track. I am only a little jealous that I missed out on training and racing on the new track. It is very pretty, but I definitely prefer cross country and road running. It would have been neat to do the steeplechase at home though. Maybe one day I'll run it unattached just for fun. I'll be slower than heck, but if I get a little faster than I am now, I could probably at least keep up, depending on the field. The meet this weekend is a relays meet, so I'm not even sure they'll contesting the steeplechase. I hope they do--if I can't run, the next best thing is to watch.

I want to thank everyone who commented for their encouragement after my long run on Sunday. I appreciate it so much--it really brightens my day when one of those comments pops up in my inbox. Recovery from the run went well--very little soreness the next day, although I cut my midweek runs a little short because of fatigue. I had a decent mile repeat workout on Tuesday, but Wednesday and yesterday my legs felt heavy and sore on the run. I hope I'm not overtraining. I'm hitting myself pretty hard on purpose these last couple of weeks before taper, but I don't want to overdo it. I'm going to see how I feel later on today after we get to Galesburg--I might still try to get today's marathon pace run in. It'll be dark and I'm not a big fan of night running in Galesburg, but the hotel has a treadmill so I could make do if need be. Either way, I'll try to get up early tomorrow before the meet to get something in. Sunday will depend on the preceding two days. Hopefully I'll regain some spring in my step.

I am really starting to look forward to that taper! (Of course, after a week of it, I'll be antsy as heck, just watch.)

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Al Durham said...

I think tapering is harder than the longer runs on the schedule. It is a big mental game.