Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mini pictures are up

As suspected, the photographers captured ample evidence of my mad flailing chicken dash to the finish line. Enjoy.

Nana spends all of her time sleeping now, but she seems very peaceful and comfortable. I've been helping out the best I can by running errands, driving people around, and keeping the house straightened up, and cooking. We've been having my grandfather and my aunt over for nice big sit-down dinners all week, which I think is really helping to keep everyone's spirits and strength up.

On a side note, I've never styled myself a cook. Mark and I don't really sit down at a table and eat dinner; one of us usually makes something very simple (like spaghetti, or chicken and rice), and we sit on the couch and watch a movie or TV while we're eating. We don't really do appetizers, side items, etc. If you want something, get up and get it yourself, durnit! So this week has been a challenge, but a satisfying one. I managed to cook a whole chicken (first time ever, I was so nervous!) and chicken pot pie and have received favorable reviews. Cooking for a group is totally new to me.

Right now, I'm kind of off, but I consider myself "on call," in case anyone needs anything. Dad is doing dinner tonight. Unfortunately my foot is having a bit of a flare-up today, or else I'd go running. Perhaps later...I've got ice on it now. Recovery plan includes ice, elevation, ibuprofen, and chocolate frosting, which I found in the fridge when I cleaned it out the other day.


Nuke Runner said...

Flailing?? That 848-007 picture is awesome....just a determined runner striving for the finish...and completely airborne!

Nitmos said...

You looked strong.

Al Durham said...

Were you floating to the finish line? Those were some cool pictures. Looks like you had a strong kick left for the finish line. Great job!