Friday, November 21, 2008

Looking ahead a bit

Since the year is approaching its end, and my main 2008 racing season has concluded, my attention is now focused on next year. I haven't yet figured out all my goals for 2009 yet, but today I did make my 2009 mileage goal by joining the 2009in2009 Club on the Runner's World forums. It's run by a forumite through the Beginner's Forum (so-called, but plenty of very experienced and accomplished runners post there). I did it last year and it has been a good tool to stay motivated.

My goal for this year was 2,008 miles for the 2008in2008 Club. You can pick any number, of course, but 2008 was ideal and it was fun to have a matching number! This year I'm a little more ambitious and have chosen 2,350 miles for my goal. This works out to roughly 45 miles a week. That's a lot of running, but I think I can do it. Mileage challenges like this one and the East vs. West Challenge on L&O really help me. If I see other people posting miles, I start thinking, well, I can do this too.

The 2008 goal of 2008 miles is about 38 miles per week, and barring injury or major illness, I should have no trouble exceeding it. I'm just shy of 1,900 miles now. That felt really ambitious a year ago, but it turned out I could do it if I just buckled down and got out there. Knowing that lots of people are doing more than me, or have it harder than me and are doing it at all, is really inspiring!


Joe said...

Good goal, Mir...go for it!

jen said...

That's a pretty cool idea for a goal! I'm sure you'll do it.

Happy Thanksgiving Miranda! :)