Monday, December 01, 2008

One more week until Pfitz!

It's hard to believe that in one week I will be back into marathon training again. I hit 50.7 miles last week and felt good, so I think after a week of easy miles around 40-45, I should be ready to rock! I am really excited and a bit nervous about the increase in mileage. I'll just have to be sure and run EASY on the easy days and listen to my body every day.

On Thursday I ran Fast Freddie's Festive Five-Mile Foot Feast, a turkey trot in New Albany, Ind. I finished in 37:48 by my watch, which was a little disappointing since I was slightly faster last year. Still, last year was a perfect day, and this year I was on my period, felt horrible upon waking up, and had to stop and tie my shoe during the race. I also ran a marathon 26 days before instead of over a month and a half. So I feel okay about it despite the lack of a PR. I think it shows that I'm in a comparable place to where I was last year at this time, despite a little adversity and half the recovery time. So that's a good thing! Give me another month and I think some more PRs will fall.

The 37:48 predicts a 1:19 10-miler. I am confident I can do better than this on a good day, but will likely make my main goal for the Hangover Classic to go sub 1:20 for the first time. Stretch goal will maybe be 1:17:30, which predicts a 1:43 half and a 3:37 full. Hopefully another month of endurance training will make my BQ dreams for the spring look a little more solid by the new year.
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